Megyn Kelly Debates Dr. Berwick Appointment With The Cast Of A Vaudeville Routine

Why do you do this Fox News? Why do you present a truly “fair and balanced” debate on an issue (well, more like one versus three, but close enough, right?) and then disguise it with a stupid gimmick? Earlier today, Megyn Kelly held a debate on the recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to run Medicare and Medicaid. Every interesting point brought up by the guests was overwhelmed by the fact that the panel was a realization of some weird joke. As Kelly pointed out, she was joined by “a priest, a doctor, and a liberal.” Presumably, the upcoming immigration debate on the channel will feature a genie, a man with a duck on his head, and a representative from the Polish Navy.

The obvious response to this would be that this was just a coincidence. But if the producers of the segment didn’t decide to embrace it, then why was Dr. Mark Siegel in full doctor regalia with a stethoscope and everything? Sure, that may be his look, but he doesn’t always dress that way on air. Didn’t someone realize that it looked kind of ridiculous?

Anyway, I only complain because, otherwise, it was a good debate. Kelly does a good job letting everyone speak (except when she interrupted Richard Socarides a couple times at the end) and everyone made a good argument. It just didn’t need a stupid gimmick distracting from things.

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