Megyn Kelly Feels ‘Helpless’ After Vegas Massacre: ‘The Truth is We Never Change Anything’

Megyn Kelly opened her show Tuesday morning with a sober and, at times, helpless assessment of how our nation has become numb and powerless to the sort of mass shootings that we saw Sunday night in Las Vegas — which resulted in the deaths of at least 59 people and more than 500 injuries.

Kelly began by noting the somber morning before lamenting how sad the situation was, that individuals who were celebrating music and dancing were tragically faced with “bullets raining down” and it “looked like war.”

But it was her turn to the polices — and to a lesser extent the politics — that have arisen after this event, where Kelly spoke so delicately that she came across in a remarkably defeated tone, expressing a sense of hopelessness that many Americans are currently feeling after enduring yet another mass shooting with no change in sight.

After describing the assailant as a “64-year-old man who fit into no known risk category, no police record, no mental health problems,” Kelly noted that he opened fire on innocent people that had no chance of fighting back. She then added “That’s how it always is. They had no chance, from Columbine to Newtown, to the Pulse nightclub, and now in Las Vegas, the shooters target those who have little to no chance of defending themselves.”

She then turned to what she described as the vain struggle to make sense of it all, “trying to rationalize an irrational act,” saying of the tragedy:

I think we feel that finding the motive will help us understand better and feel that the next one will be preventable if we understand this one. but the truth is, we never change anything after these situations, do we? And the mass murders keep coming. They keep coming. and they come and they come. Over and over again. Ao many now that we stop and we say, oh, God, when we see it. and then, we move on. Perhaps a little too quickly. I do feel helpless in these times. Do you? The mental health laws are not going to change and we know it. The gun laws, right? And even if they did change, you would get people like this guy.

Kelly has received a fair amount of criticism in the first week of hosting her daytime hour on NBC’s Today show, especially for her decision to avoid politics. And this segment isn’t explicitly a political segment, but rather an emotional one that felt just as honest, confused and empathic with the viewers who most likely shared the very same emotions.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.


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