Megyn Kelly To Bret Baier: ‘I Hear There May Be A Chalkboard Becoming Available’

News broke earlier today that Fox News and Glenn Beck will ostensibly be parting ways, at least in the current definition of their relationship. While the statement released explains that the two parties will continue to work together, the announcement included the rather stunning detail that Beck intended to “transition off of his daily program.”

The only official statement on his departure so far has come on Beck’s website The Blaze, which included a comment from Fox News Chief Roger Ailes, though no one on Fox News has spoken directly about Beck’s departure until Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier yukked it up just moments ago.

While commenting on President Obama’s imminent speech on the budget deficit and looming government shutdown, Baier ran down a litany of budget figures before declaring that “I need a chalkboard,” which lead to Kelly’s arch response which you can see below, courtesy of Fox News:

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