Megyn Kelly, Kurtz Pile on ‘Sanctimonious’ MSNBC: ‘500 Liberals and Joe Scarborough’

Megyn Kelly tonight touted a new study finding Fox News to be more trusted than all other national news networks, and neither she nor Howard Kurtz could resist taking shot after shot at MSNBC for its ratings woes.

Part of the segment was, of course, incredibly self-congratulatory at Fox topping that poll and earning people’s trust. But when they got to MSNBC, Kurtz said they had an “abysmal last-place finish” and said the entire network is basically “500 liberals and Joe Scarborough.”

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Kelly said that MSNBC is getting “more and more desperate by the day, and in that desperation they are getting “meaner.” She and Kurtz piled on MSNBC for being “boring” and having a “sanctimonious nastiness” in presenting the news.

Kelly also briefly referred to competitors dismissing the study with Fox coming out on top. One such competitor, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, said on his show this week that Fox is the most trusted only because 1) they keep telling their viewers that everyone is out to get them, and 2) its core viewership is so concentrated while more independent and liberal-minded people have a variety of networks to choose from, lacking a singular one to get behind.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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