Megyn Kelly on Samantha Bee’s Apology: Her Comments Were ‘Deeply Offensive,’ But ‘I Tip My Hat to Her’

Megyn Kelly took an even-handed approach on Thursday when she reacted to Samantha Bee‘s apology for her crude joke about Ivanka Trump.

Bee said she was sorry last night for calling Donald Trump‘s daughter a “feckless cunt,” but she also scolded the media for blowing up her remarks and allowing them to distract from the negative impact of the president’s policies.

Kelly was among those who condemned Bee for her comments last week, and when she spoke about the comedian’s apology with NBC’s Stephanie Gosk and The New York TimesMegan Twohey. Kelly said she gave Bee props for apologizing, yet she noted that “apologies that are quickly followed by the word ‘but’ are always problematic.”

“I never thought Sam Bee should be fired over her remark,” Kelly said. “To me, the interesting thing was to fall back on, ‘I’m a comedian.’ So is Roseanne [Barr]. Being a comedian doesn’t excuse everyone’s comments. It was more than uncivil…it is deeply offensive to a lot of women.”

As her guests expressed agreement with her take, Kelly compared Bee’s remarks to the times when Trump was attacking her and calling her a “bimbo.” She went on to say that even though Bee’s remarks fit with her brand of comedy, the comedian can’t use her job description as a shield from the fact that she’s on television and should be held to certain standards.

Kelly added, “I tip my hat to her for saying on the air she is sorry, which isn’t always easy to do.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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