Megyn Kelly on Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against Trump: ‘She May Be in Some Legal Trouble’


Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, made even more news yesterday when she announced she was actually suing President Donald Trump, on the grounds that he didn’t actually sign the non disclosure agreement that keeps her from telling her side of the story regarding their alleged affair.

Additionally, the NDA signed by both Daniels and Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, referred to the president as “David Dennison” and Daniels as “Peggy Peterson.”

Megyn Kelly, however, questioned the legality of the Daniels lawsuit this morning, after an interview with Hallie Jackson, in which the pair discussed the endless missteps by Cohen and Trump that led to this lawsuit.

Kelly, who formerly worked as a lawyer, questioned whether or not Daniels could actually be opening herself up to legal scrutiny by issuing the lawsuit.

“I want to tell the viewers one other thing. The agreement, I took a look at this agreement between Stormy and ‘Dennison’ and Michael Cohen, and I think she may be in some legal trouble,” she said.

“The agreement says it is between her alias, Stormy’s alias, and the alias for Trump, Dennison, and/or Michael Cohen’s group. So Michael signed it. It’s and/or Michael and Trump. You see? I’m not sure. As a lawyer, my suggestion is, she’s not on the firmest legal ground. But sure was an interesting read.”

The lawsuit is still pending.

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