Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over What Obama’s Biggest Mistake Really Was

A panel on Fox News Channel’s America Live with Megyn Kelly debating an interview President Barack Obama gave with CBS News where he said his biggest mistake of his presidency was in not offering Americans a sense of unity and optimism during his presidency. Liberal Fox News contributor Alan Colmes battled conservative radio host Mike Gallagher over what Obama’s biggest mistake truly was. Colmes offered several suggestions for how progressive politicians can better sell their policy recommendations to a skeptical public.

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Kelly read a response by the Romney campaign which challenged Obama’s assertion that he could have communicated his policies better to the American people, saying that President Obama has “failed to lead.”

“I’m shocked to hear the Romney campaign say that about President Obama,” said Colmes. He conceded that he believes Democrats do a worse job at messaging than Republicans do even though he supports Democratic policy proscriptions. “Conservatives have great wordsmiths like Frank Luntz who do wonderful job of encapsulating policies and selling them very well,” said Colmes.

“We’re just hearing Alan Colmes confirm what we’re all afraid of,” Gallagher retorted. “That the biggest thing that President Obama regrets is that he hasn’t been a good enough story teller. That he hasn’t spun as well as he should have spun.”

Gallagher said that the chronically unemployed would have preferred the President addressed their concerns rather than discussed his policies. He also said that the comment illustrates the President’s narcissism and arrogance.

Kelly challenged Colmes to identify exactly how he thinks Obama could have sold his policies better?

“The tax that the Supreme Court decided was a tax – I would call it the ‘free-rider tax,” said Colmes. “I would say that this is a policy that is the opposite of socialism – it actually ends socialism, because we are no longer supporting people who are not in the system.”

Gallagher responded that President Obama has spent much of his presidency selling his policies to no avail. “All he does is go around and deliver a message,” said Gallagher. “He’s on The View, he’s on the Weather Channel, he’s on ESPN.”

Kelly said that Obama’s self-critique focused less on the salesmanship of policies and more of spreading a positive message for the American people.

“I think he did a very good job of self-evaluation,” said Colmes. “It’s not just about getting the policy right.” Colmes said that leadership is also about imparting a sense of unity.

Gallagher shot back that Obama thinks he can “walk on water” and that the correct answer he should have given to that question was “I wish I realized how unqualified I was to be President of the United States.”

Kelly asked Colmes if he thought that even giving the question a straight answer was a political mistake. Colmes said that there was no answer that Obama could have given that would have made his conservative opponents happy.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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