Megyn Kelly, Panel Pile on Slashed Military Benefits: Does Obama ‘Give a Damn’ About the Troops?

On Tuesday night, Megyn Kelly took on the news that during the government shutdown, families of fallen soldiers will not receive military benefits. Kelly and her panel found this completely outrageous, with Kirsten Powers saying finding the money for this should not be a big deal and Oliver North placing the blame squarely on the Democrats.

Kelly called this particular cut service “gross,” with Chris Stirewalt suggesting Congress “got a little dumber” in the last few months. North called it “unforgivable” that the Pentagon isn’t taking action on this immediately, and added, “This isn’t about the government shutdown, it’s about whether the Commander-in-Chief gives a damn about the morale of our troops.”

Powers called this “bad for the country” and suggested Obama may have to “give a little” in order to bring this to an end. Stirewalt pointed out that plenty of Democrats are “sick and tired” of having to oppose piecemeal funding bills being pushed by Republicans, while North said, “Having it ignored by our colleagues in the mainstream media is egregious.”

Powers added that there are immediate needs here for military families that cannot wait until the shutdown ends.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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