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Megyn Kelly Panel Spars Over Maher’s $5M Offer To Trump: Is Maher Legally Obligated To Pay Up?

On this fine Thursday afternoon, Megyn Kelly brought together a panel to discuss the pressing issue of the $5 million wager Bill Maher made to Donald Trump — who, in turn, proved he is not the spawn of an orangutan and threatened to sue Maher if he doesn’t pay. Our friends at “Kelly’s Court” pondered whether Maher is obligated to pay.

Defense attorney Brian Claypool said Maher does owe Trump the money. The sole issue, he said, is whether Maher’s comment “amounts to a legally enforceable offer.” And to determine that, we look at Trump’s thinking not Maher’s. Did he have a “reasonable belief that what Maher offered was legitimate?” Claypool said yes.

But coming back to the central question of the segment, Kelly noted that Trump’s $5 million offer to President Obama (that he release his college records, etc.) was a serious one — and questioned whether that makes Maher’s offer any more serious than Maher maybe intended it.

“Let me address only those who don’t have a sense of humor,” former prosecutor Mark Eiglarsh quipped. “This is comedy. This is what comics do. They don’t just tell knock-knock jokes.”

Seemingly amused, Eiglarsh whipped out a book and pointed out that, scientifically speaking, “it says here that humans cannot breed with orangutans.” The remark elicited laughs from Kelly as Eiglarsh “moved to dismiss” and asked for a hug and an apology.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with the orangutan,” Claypool said, somehow with a straight face.

And then he pulled out a blank check of his own, because why not have one more wager, just for good measure. Claypool said he’d use the check toward a nice gesture for Eiglarsh if he promises not to interrupt him in their next segment together.

Kelly came back to the topic of Trump, noting that the matter would be judged by an objective party.

Good thing we got that cleared up.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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