Megyn Kelly Puts Folder Over Face As Hillary Supporter Refuses To Talk About Leaked Emails

megyn-kelly-foldereditedWhile speaking to supporters of both major party presidential candidates tonight, Fox News host Megyn Kelly became so frustrated when a Hillary Clinton supporter refused to answer her questions that she actually covered her face with her notes as the segment ended.

Discussing the most recent Podesta email leaks dumped by WikiLeaks, Kelly asked Robert Zimmerman if Clinton ally Neera Tanden was right in some of the emails that came to light.

However, Zimmerman wouldn’t bit, and continued to say that the emails that have been released haven’t been authenticated. And he kept reiterating that Russia was behind the hacks.

At one point, Kelly chimed in with “they haven’t denied it!”

The conversation got a bit muddled when Trump supporter David Wohl jumped in and there were talks about embezzlement and charges being filed. Eventually, Kelly tried to nail down Zimmerman on a position that involved the content of the emails and without him pivoting to Russia. This was unsuccessful.

As the segment came to an end, Kelly grabbed her manila folder and covered her face with it, realizing Zimmerman was never going to answer no matter how many times she attempted.

Watch the discussion above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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