Megyn Kelly: Is Rep. Weiner Aiding Efforts To Have Justice Thomas Disbarred?

Megyn Kelly discussed reports that Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner is leading a charge to have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas disbarred for perjury and investigated for allegations of bribery. Weiner has passionately argued before for Thomas to recuse himself for cases on healthcare reform because of an alleged bias, and now if these reports are true, Weiner is intensifying the fight.

Kelly interviewed Supreme Court expert Tom Goldstein regarding the unprecedented potential action against Thomas. Goldstein agreed judicial integrity is important, but dismissed the complaints against Thomas as “pretty stupid” and “baseless accusations” that treat Supreme Court justices a political actors. Even if Thomas made a mistake on some forms not disclosing facts about his wife, Goldstein argued despite being a serious error, it’s not one that calls into question Thomas’ legitimacy as a judge. Accordingly, Goldstein predicted that even the liberal Supreme Court justices would rally to Thomas’ defense.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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