Megyn Kelly Reports On Duke Sex List Story, Urges Female Viewers “Don’t Sleep Around!”

Today on America Live with Megyn Kelly, the subject at hand was the legal implications of a viral Power Point presentation outlining (and ranking) of a Duke student’s sexual conquests. Kimberly Guilfoyle and Jonna Spilbor joined Ms. Kelly to wax legal on the controversial case. But it was how the segment ended, with the Fox News host offering her unsolicited advise to her female viewers that got our attention. “Don’t be easy” she exclaimed, a video of which can be viewed below.

After the three woman spoke at length, collectively wringing their hands (appropriately?) at kids these days, Kelly ended her segment with some advice to her young women watching her show. Kelly looked into the camera and said:

This has nothing to do with the law but my unsolicited advice for young women:

Don’t sleep around! Don’t be easy! It’s not empowering, its embarrassing! You will be the butt of men’s jokes! You won’t be respected. And you may be humiliated like this women is now.

Lest anyone think Ms. Kelly is a prude, exhibit A was her rather ribald appearance last year on the Howard Stern Show.

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