Megyn Kelly Rips Obama for Silence on San Bernardino: Supposed to Be ‘Comforter-in-Chief’!

megynMegyn Kelly really unloaded on President Obama for his silence today after the FBI said the San Bernardino shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism. She found it remarkable that despite how much more serious this is becoming, the president has not spoken publicly since that announcement.

She told Charles Krauthammer tonight that the president has an important role as “comforter-in-chief” after tragedy, and asked, “So where is he, and why isn’t he coming on camera tonight to address the nation?”

Krauthammer said the president’s priorities are more with gun control than they are with terrorism, observing how Obama only shows “passion” when it comes to guns. He said he doesn’t need comforting from the president, just a reassurance that he understands the threat and he’s putting out the “maximum effort” to combat it.

Kelly noted how the president didn’t deliver an address after Paris and said that even if Obama makes a statement in his weekly address tomorrow, it’s “not good enough!”

Krauthammer again said that when Obama speaks on terrorism, he does so “in very measured terms” and after Paris ended up looking far less commanding than French President Francois Hollande did. He doesn’t acknowledge, Krauthammer remarked, that “the rise of Islamic terrorism in the heart of the West” is the real problem here.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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