Megyn Kelly Schools Catholic League’s Bill Donohue on the First Amendment

Catholic League head Bill Donohue is having quite a day. First, he released two statements arguing 1) Muslims are right to be angry at the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, who were partly at fault for their own deaths, which and 2) that free speech doesn’t extend to “obscene portrayal of religious figures.” Then he was on the receiving end of a pretty pissed-off Hugh Hewitt, who told Donohue that his victim-blaming is an embarrassment to Catholics everywhere.

And tonight, Fox News anchor and lawyer Megyn Kelly took strong issue with Donohue’s views on free speech and the First Amendment.

Donohue argued the cartoonists are “pornographers disguised as satirists” in the vein of Larry Flynt, but Kelly pointed out that not only does Flynt have First Amendment rights, but his specific First Amendment rights were upheld by the Supreme Court. She read the actual Supreme Court decision to rebut Donohue’s argument that “freedom of speech is not an end.”

Donohue also said, “Self-censorship is the friend of freedom, because if we don’t have self-censorship we’re gonna have individuals interpreting their rights in an extreme fashion.”

Kelly told Donohue it is no defense to say that the cartoonists offended people, no matter how outrageous it may have been.

Watch the full segment below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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