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Megyn Kelly on Starbucks Bathroom Policy: ‘Do You Really Want to Deal With’ Homeless People?

Megyn Kelly is not too thrilled with the notion of Starbucks bathrooms being open to everyone.

In the wake of a racist incident at one of its locations in Philadelphia, which Kelly called a “dust-up,” Starbucks closed down over 8,000 of its stores across the country for unconscious racial bias training Tuesday afternoon.

The coffee giant has also announced a new policy that will allow anyone to use their bathrooms whether or not they made a purchase, which Kelly took issue with.

“Now the Starbucks are going to get overwhelmed with people and is it really just a public space or is it not?” she asked a panel on her show Tuesday morning.

Jenna Bush Hager, who was on the panel, offered that it was “compassionate” for Starbucks to open its doors and said the company was “showing kindness to people who may not have that.” But Kelly presented the potential downside.

“In New York City, they’re pretty good at providing churches for the homeless to go and get meals and so on. And there’s a question about whether a commercial establishment is that place. For the paying customers who go in with their kids.”

“Do you really want to deal with a mass of homeless people, or whoever’s in there, could be drug-addicted, you don’t know,” she said.

Kelly also noted that Common was chosen by Starbucks as a spokesperson against racial bias and disapproved of the choice.

“This is a guy, just for the record, he has been accused of homophobic lyrics… and referred to women as ‘hoes, bitches and sluts.'”

“If we’re going to hold up somebody as an example to teach on bias, maybe we should be sensitive to that person’s entire record.”

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