Megyn Kelly Takes on Asia Argento Allegations: If True ‘Then She is Lying to Us’


Megyn Kelly says there’s a lot of questions about Asia Argento‘s character in light of the allegations of her sexual misconduct with an underaged actor.

Argento, a prominent figure of the #MeToo movement, has been under fire recently due to the revelation of several texts and photos showing she her in a sexual encounter with then-17 year old actor Jimmy Bennett. Argento reportedly paid Bennett $380,000 to keep quiet after sexually assaulting him, though she’s fiercely denying the charges against her.

Bennett broke his silence about the incident today, and as Kelly talked about all of this on her show, she said the evidence suggests that Argento has a major credibility problem on her hands.

“If that’s true, then she’s been lying to us,” Kelly said.

Craig Melvin was on with Kelly, and he noted that its hard to believe Argento didn’t know Bennett was a minor since they first worked together when Bennett was just 7 years old. From there, Kelly raised questions about Argento’s trustworthiness, noting that she was not one of the first accusers The New York Times cited when Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual misconduct scandal broke.

“Maybe they just had questions about her truth and honesty. You have to wonder, because if she gets accused by this guy and it’s true and she knows it’s true, to come out and boldly say I never had sex with him, that says something about her character.It’s not like it’s none of your business or it’s more complicated than you know or the truth will come out. It’s basically he’s a liar is what she said. And the very next day, we see these text messages suggesting she’s the one misleading.”

Kelly finished off the segment by noting that this incident gives ammo to those who say the #MeToo movement has gone too far.

“Not every accuser is telling the truth, but people who have problem with women raising up against a patriarchy will use this to say the movement has no validity and that’s wrong too.”

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