Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Takes On Rev. Jesse Jackson Over Wisconsin Union Vote

Rev. Jesse Jackson has arrived on the scene in Wisconsin and told Megyn Kelly today that “we need a better deal for the American worker.” He also warned there would be an escalation of the protests as a result of the bill passed by Wisconsin Republicans. Kelly questioned why the answer isn’t to vote out Republicans next time rather than continue to protest now, but Jackson insisted that the injustice was too great to ignore.

Jackson claimed the Wisconsin Democrats were “steamrolled” and “ramrodded.” Kelly asked Jackson about the argument that Governor Walker tried his best to negotiate and that Republicans have not done anything illegal by taking advantage of certain legislative procedures. Jackson disputed the idea that the Governor was doing anything but representing the interests of Republicans.

The interview ended with Kelly bringing up the fact that President Obama‘s healthcare bill was similarly passed using procedural tactics, but Jackson returned to his argument that the poor are getting poorer and that workers need to continue nonviolently fighting back.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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