Megyn Kelly to Dem Guest: Where’s All the Soul-Searching Your Party Should Be Doing?

tanden-megynMegyn Kelly faced off with Democrat and Hillary Clinton ally Neera Tanden tonight, asking her why her party isn’t doing more soul-searching after such a big election loss.

On Face the Nation yesterday, CBS’ John Dickerson asked Nancy Pelosi, after her reelection as House Minority Leader, what she would tell Democrats who want a “new direction.” Pelosi responded, “I don’t think people want a new direction.”

Kelly tonight called that a “strange statement” and asked, “Where is that soul-searching?”

She pointed to how despite a prominent challenge to Pelosi for leadership, most Democrats didn’t seriously entertain the notion. Tanden pointed out the popular vote margin while conceding that Democrats “do recognize” people want change.

Kelly also got into a heated back-and-forth over the controversies surrounding Keith Ellison before ending the segment by reading out some of Tanden’s highlights from the WikiLeaks dump.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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