Megyn Kelly: Why Does Trump ‘Have to Make Up Information’ About the Vote When He Won?

megyn-8Megyn Kelly tonight pressed Katrina Pierson on why Donald Trump would be so outspoken in questioning the legitimacy of an election he won.

Trump yesterday tweeted that he won the popular vote if you exclude the “millions” of votes cast illegally. There’s no hard evidence backing this up, but Trump doubled down tonight just minutes before Kelly spoke with Pierson.

Kelly first questioned why the Hillary Clinton campaign would have someone joining the Jill Stein recount, and Mo Elleithee defended the rationale there while wondering why Trump would be questioning the legitimacy of the election. Kelly responded, “Because 2016.”

She asked Pierson what this is based on and where he gets his evidence. Pierson pointed to some examples that have been highlighted in the news, which led Kelly to say, “That does not make millions.”

She bewilderedly asked, “Why do you want anyone looking at anything when your team won?!”

Pierson said that Trump just wants to set the record straight, but Kelly said this in response:

“He should stick to the facts… Why isn’t it enough for him that he won the electoral college? Why does he have to make up information that he also won the popular vote, which he lost?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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