Melania: ‘I Didn’t Expect the Media Would Be So Dishonest’

melania-cooperMelania Trump said on CNN tonight, “I didn’t expect the media would be dishonest and so mean.”

Yes, Donald Trump‘s wife believes the media is just as bad as he does.

She told Anderson Cooper she wasn’t happy with The New York Post running old nude photos of her (though the Post isn’t exactly the liberal media), defending the photos and saying they got the wrong information.

She laughed at the media getting things wrong about her and being “dishonest,” saying it surprised her reporters will write things without checking facts. She’s also outraged at the name-calling engaged in by parts of the media.

Cooper asked her about her husband insulting his accusers’ looks and Trump said, “He’s raw. He will say it as he feels it. I know he respects women, but he’s defending himself.”

She also made it clear that she’s not doing much campaigning because she doesn’t let others tell her what to do.

Watch above, via CNN.

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