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Meryl! Clooney! Oprah! Why The Best Actor and Actress Tributes Is A Great New Oscar Tradition

Last night at the Oscars, they tried something new. Well, they tried a few things that were new (zzzzz on the danceable Oscar for Best Score) but this one I liked: the in-person tributes to each Best Actor and Actress Nominee. Rather than re-showing clips that we’d already seen, each nominee was fêted by a special colleague, speaking effusively of his or her talent and ability and, in the case of Helen Mirren, overwhelming hotness. If you’re the type of person who likes wedding speeches (and I do), chances are you loved it (and I did) — loved hearing about Gabby Sidibe from Oprah (from cutting school to audition for Precious to sharing the stage with Meryl Streep — yup, that’s pretty awesome); loved seeing Colin Farrell of all people up there, toasting Jeremy Renner; loved seeing Colin Firth‘s beaming face while being praised by Julianne Moore, loved seeing Michelle Pfeiffer‘s glorious return to the Oscar stage for her former Fabulous Baker Boys co-star (oh, if they’d only had a piano), loved hearing Stanley Tucci admit he’s in love with Meryl (not unlike horny Sandra Bullock). If these are the Oscar moments you’re a sucker for, then you will be a fan. Cynics may deem it a time-suck so late in the evening, but you know what? I coulda done without the horror montage. Either way, kvell all over again with our his n’ hers videos below.

Update: It’s been pointed out that they did a variation on this last year with former Oscar winners celebrating the nominees, notable for Shirley MacLaine anointing Anne Hathaway with magical actress fairy dust. My bad. Well, I like this version more and here’s why: OPRAH! (I still say she deserved it for The Color Purple.)

Best Actor Tributes

Best Actress Tributes

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