Miami Herald’s Julie Brown Breaks Down Epstein’s Sexual Recruitment Network: ‘A Lot of People’ Made Money Off of This


The Miami Herald‘s Julie Brown gave an interview to NBC on Tuesday where she went into detail about how Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators worked with him before his death.

Since Epstein’s suicide means that the disgraced financier will no longer be able to stand trial for sexual abuse charges against him, Brown spoke to Savannah Guthrie about what this could mean for the people who helped Epstein by recruiting his victims. Brown figured that prosecutors will go after the people who did the most to enable Epstein, saying “he didn’t do this all by himself.”

“We know that there were a lot of people that made money off of this,” Brown said. “He didn’t do this all by himself. He had schedulers. He had people that went out to certain areas to lure these girls.”

Brown explained that Epstein kept some of his victims under his wing by turning them into “recruiters” who would find new, younger women for him to abuse once they became “too old” for him. The conversation also touched on whether new evidence might be found from a raid on Epstein’s private island, and how “betrayed” his victims felt when they learned that he won’t face justice.

Watch above, via NBC.

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