Michael Avenatti Insists ‘The Facts Are On My Side’ in First TV Interview Since Arrest


Michael Avenatti sat down for an interview with Jericka Duncan that appeared on CBS This Morning which was the first television interview since he was arrested on federal charges of wire fraud and extorting $20 million from Nike in separate cases in New York and California.

Avenatti maintained his innocence without providing details,  saying that the way this story “has been framed is not accurate.”  He added “And in fact, from the first moment that we had any meeting with Nike, we made it clear that under no circumstances would we participate in anything that did not require full disclosure to investigators and the federal government.”

As he had shared before via Twitter, Avenatti admitted to being unsettled saying “I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m all of those things, and If I wasn’t, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.” But when Duncan noted that he seemed confident, Avenatti added: “I am confident because I believe the facts are on my side.”

As the former Stormy Daniels attorney, Avenatti is known for his near-constant media presence roughly six months ago. But since parting ways with Daniels and dealing with some personal drama, Avenatti’s visage on cable news outlets has been far less infrequent. Given the circumstances surrounding this interview, it’s likely that Avenatti would rather not have this particular reason to appear on a television program to defend himself.

Watch above via CBS News.



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