Michael Avenatti Reveals ‘New Evidence’ He Believes May Prevent Trump From Pardoning Michael Cohen


On Wednesday night, Stormy Daniels‘ attorney Michael Avenatti appeared on The Late Show and brought some evidence with him.

In the latest edition Stephen Colbert‘s “Stormy Watch,” Avenatti revealed a copy an “incoming wire receipt” from Daniels’ prior counsel “showing the origin of the $130,000,” which came from the “fabricated” entity Cohen created called “Essential Consultants” and that the money originated from a bank in San Francisco, CA. And Avenatti explained why it was “important” that the money was wired from California and not from New York.

Avenatti told Colbert that the document may give CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who he noted “isn’t a fan of the president,” some jurisdiction over “certain criminal acts” and that if he were to bring charges, President Trump “could not pardon Michael Cohen.”

“That could take away his ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card right there,” Colbert reacted.

“Absolutely,” Avenatti confidently responded.

Colbert later questioned Avenatti’s assertion that Trump won’t end up finishing his first term since the president is “shameless,” but Avenatti still believed that Trump won’t end up “withstanding the heat” and will resign.

It’s worth noting that Colbert’s interview with Avenatti was taped prior to Rudy Giuliani‘s stunning admission that President Trump reimbursed Cohen the $130,000. Avenatti has since reacted to the bombshell, saying he was “absolutely speechless.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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