Michael Avenatti: ‘Zero Interest’ In Working With Cohen Until He Comes Clean and Does the Right Thing


Michael Avenatti says Michael Cohen needs to put up or shut up in terms of whether he’s ever going to get serious and turn against his old boss President Donald Trump.

Wolf Blitzer spoke to Avenatti on Monday night, asking about a new CNN report saying Avenatti offered Cohen a truce if they agreed to take on Trump together. Avenatti has been a nuisance for Cohen throughout his legal representation for Stormy Daniels, but he recently encountered Cohen and held an “extremely productive” chat with him a New York restaurant.

When Blitzer asked him if Cohen’s secret Trump tapes are a sign that he’s about to flip on the president, Avenatti stood by his recent tweet where he disputed the idea that Cohen or his counsel were unhappy with their communications.

“Maybe he took Honesty 101 at Trump University. I can’t tell you why he’s issuing false statements,” Avenatti said. “So you can’t reconcile the receipts, if you will, with what Brent Blakely is trying to sell.”

Avenatti concluded by saying Cohen can’t decided what to do amid his ongoing legal troubles, but the former Trump attorney needs to hurry up and make a decision about whether to flip or not.

“We have zero interest in cooperating with Michael Cohen until and unless he comes to the conclusion that it is time for him to come 100% clean and do the right thing, disclose what he knows about the president, and let the chips fall where they may. If he does not do that, I’m tired of hearing about how he’s a potential patriot. I’m tired of hearing about the love of country, and I think most Americans have heard enough at this point. He needs to do the right thing or move on. Period.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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