Sheriff Hunting Fugitive Crumbleys Argues with Don Lemon: ‘Don’t Tell Me We’re Solving It for the Victims… I Live Here and We Breathe This’


An interview with the sheriff of Oakland County, Michigan got a bit testy on Friday after Don Lemon repeatedly pressed him on why the fugitive parents of Ethan Crumbley aren’t in custody after they were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors charged Crumbley, who is in custody, with four counts of first degree murder in connection with the deadly shooting that occurred at Oxford High School on Tuesday. His parents, James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley, were charged after prosecutors say they failed to secure the gun their son allegedly used during the shooting. But authorities said they’ve been unable to locate the parents, who have been declared fugitives.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard told Lemon his department received no notice from prosecutor Karen McDonald that she was bringing charges against the parents. Instead, Bouchard says, he found out the they were being charged from the media.

During the interview, Lemon pressed the sheriff as to why the Crumbleys aren’t in custody.

“I’m being tough on you with these questions because I just don’t understand, whether the the prosecutor said it or not,” said Lemon. “I just don’t see how a case this big and this important, all of a sudden the parents are missing.”

The CNN host cited a report that the Crumbleys had “run off” with $4,000 they had withdrawn from a bank.

Here’s how the rest of the exchange went:

BOUCHARD: Well, I’m not sure who reported the $4,000 on your network. It didn’t come from us. That aside, it’s kind of like if you’re the quarterback. And let’s call a prosecutor quarterback for the moment and you just throw the football down in the end zone without telling the receiver where to go or that it’s coming. We did not know these charges were coming.



LEMON: I understand that, sheriff. Sheriff, I understand that. We’re trying to solve this for the victims. I just wanna–and also I’m just asking questions for the people who are–

BOUCHARD: Hey, don’t tell me we’re solving it for the victims. Because I live here and we breathe this.

LEMON: I understand. I don’t want to continue to litigate who is responsible. There is time for that.

BOUCHARD: I’m not litigating at all. All I’m saying is that process and procedure always is, inform the law enforcement before discussions of warrants being issued ever happen in the public realm.

LEMON: I understand that. I think you’ve made that perfectly clear. That’s why I said we want to solve this and to find the–

BOUCHARD: I agree. And we will find them.

Watch above via CNN.

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