Michael Caputo Dismisses House Oversight Investigation: ‘Play for Headlines’ and ‘Set Up for Impeachment’

Former Trump campaign Michael Caputo appeared on CNN New Day Wednesday and threw cold water on the recent oversight investigation led House Democrats who have demanded documents from 81 individuals connected to the Trump campaign and administration.

In a spirited but civil conversation with host John Berman, Caputo continued to explain the role he played in the Trump campaign and insisted that a text exchange he shared with Roger Stone regarding (which Berman read aloud) was exculpatory evidence and explained that he and his attorney did not believe was within the parameters of requested documents, which is why he did not turn over.

After noting that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that he had nothing to hide and would be helpful with the investigation, Berman suggested Caputo “So if you have nothing to hide” why shouldn’t he also be helpful?

Caputo made clear that appearing before Congress is an expensive affair, saying “it costs 20 to $30,000 to sit down with these people.”

He then dismissed the Congressional request for documents, saying “the committees’ letter got to me via the media.”

“This is all a media play,” he added. “To my mind, this is a play for headlines, it’s a setup for impeachment.”

Watch above via CNN.

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