comScore Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trashes Stormy Daniels: ‘She Was Desperate For The Money’

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trashes Stormy Daniels: ‘She Was Desperate For The Money’

Michael Cohen’s lawyer David Schwartz appeared on CBS This Morning to face a grilling over the $130,000 payment made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump — and the lawyer lashed out at the porn star.

Gayle King first asked Schwartz why Cohen paid Daniels $130k to keep quiet about an affair that the White House claims did not happen — though President Donald Trump has not denied it.

“There could be a school of thought that says that’s illogical,” Schwartz conceded, before arguing that the payout avoided a “messy litigation.”

“By the way, you guys call it hush money, I call it legal extortion because this happens every single day that people come around, they’re looking for a payout,” Schwartz said.

“By the way, she really needed the money, okay?” he continued. “She was desperate for the money. She admitted on 60 Minutes she was shopping the story around everywhere. Then they went to Michael Cohen and said, ‘hey, give us $130,000 and we can make this to go away.'”

Schwartz continued by lamenting that his televised sparring matches with Avenatti were not his “proudest moments,” and pushed back on Daniels’ lawyer calling him a “hack.”

The hosts of This Morning proceeded to grill Schwartz on when Cohen told Trump that he had paid off a porn star, and Schwartz contended that the president’s lawyer “never told him,” and Trump only found out when the NDA was reported on. The panel was naturally incredulous.

Watch above, via CBS.

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