Michael Eric Dyson On Obama Having A ‘Big Stick’: ‘As A Black Man, I Can Agree’

Today during a speech, Vice President Biden attempted to play off of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “carry a big stick” quote by promising the audience that President Obama “has a big stick.” Unsurprisingly, the college-aged crowd (as well as the Internet) ended up having a slightly different interpretation of the comment than Biden intended. However, there response was nothing compared to the hysterics that a Martin Bashir panel broke into after Michael Eric Dyson gave an interesting reason why he knows Biden is right.

After Bashir asked him what he thought of the quote, Dyson responded simply that, “As a black man, I can agree.”

It’s a good thing this happened at the end of the segment, because there was clearly going to be no serious discussion after that line.

Of course, the real issue about Biden’s unintended (?) double entendre, is that it’s just going to make the election that much more personal for Mitt Romney. No one campaigns harder, than an “un-stiff” guy against someone with a “big stick.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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