Michael Eric Dyson: Trump’s Nationalism ‘Is Really a White Racist Supremacist Nationalism’

michael eric dysonOn ABC’s This Week this morning, Michael Eric Dyson said that Donald Trump‘s nationalism is clearly fueled by the kind of racism that Americans should roundly reject.

Alex Castellanos talked about voters rejecting elitism both in the UK and in the U.S., but Dyson said “elitism is a red heering.” He argued that Hillary Clinton more closely embodies democratic values than Trump and his “nationalism” do.

After he and Castellanos fought for a bit, Dyson declared that “Donald Trump’s nation doesn’t represent all of us” and said this:

“Donald Trump amplifies the worst instincts. And his nationalism is really a white racist supremacist nationalism that reeks terror on the American democratic experiment.”

Watch how Castellanos responded above, via ABC.

[h/t Media Matters]
[image via screengrab]

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