Michael Hastings’ Widow Speaks Out For The First Time To Piers Morgan, Piers Asks: Was His Death A Conspiracy?

Elise Jordan, the wife of late journalist Michael Hastings, spoke out in her first TV interview since her husband’s death, opening up to CNN’s Piers Morgan about her husband and how much he would have loved to cover the NSA surveillance story that broke a week before his death.

Jordan told Morgan, “I was blessed to have the time with him that I had.” Morgan asked her if she believed any of the “wild conspiracy theories” that have emerged about his death. Jordan said as far as she’s concerned it was just a “really tragic accident, and I’m very unlucky, and the world was very unlucky.”

Jordan reminisced on her husband’s career, including his infamous piece on General Stanley McChrystal. She hammered the New York Times for its “totally classless” obituary on Hastings, before telling Morgan that Hastings would really have loved to cover the NSA story.

She talked about Hastings’ philosophies of reporting and transparency, and how they helped shape his worldview about what is in the best interests of the public.

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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