Michael Medved: Stop With The “Idiotic Proposition” That Obama Deliberately Tries To Harm America

Conservative commentator Michael Medved appeared on Reliable Sources to continue his claim made earlier this week that some vocal conservatives “make a tremendous mistake on the idiotic proposition that President Obama is deliberately trying to harm the country.” He also dismissed some of the criticism he’s received and stressed that the best way to defeat Obama in 2012 is to focus on his policies rather than alleging he has a “secret agenda.”

Given that many have wondered if Medved is now eager to go down the David Frum path of calling out conservatives, Howard Kurtz asked Medved whether he’s just desperate for attention from the liberal media. Medved said no, and instead claimed “I’m very desperate that we should win this next election.” Medved does think Rush Limbaugh and a large part of conservative movement has changed over the years, but to prove he still has strong conservative credentials, strongly defended the decision to cut off public funding for NPR and PBS.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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