Michael Moore Refuses To Admit He Is Part Of The 1% To Piers Morgan


Michael Moore is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who spends much of his time traveling the promote his political ideals. Given his background, Piers Morgan seemed skeptical of Moore’s claims that he, too, was the famed 99% behind the Occupy Wall Street protests. Before a studio audience in a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, the host pressed Moore to explain just how he wasn’t a part of the nation’s economic elite, and got little clarification other than Moore’s desire the corporation that pays him “rue the day” they ever gave him money.

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The inquiry came from Twitter, where one user asked why Moore appeared so disgusted by capitalism despite benefiting greatly from capitalism. “I’m here talking against my own interests– what’s wrong with me?” he joked, but didn’t really answer the question, other than to claim that “for a documentary filmmaker, I do very well.” When Morgan pushed him to explain how “very well” did not translate to elite levels of wealth, he merely said he felt “blessed,” given his high school education level, and claimed that “they made a huge mistake, putting me on TV.”

Moore continued to bash the wealthy, distancing himself from “a system that is unfair to working people” and concluding of the people that funded his first film, “I hope they rue the day.” He did not give any numbers to explain how his lifestyle did not conform with theirs.

The segment via CNN below:

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