Michael Oren Dropped as CNN Analyst; Now Listed as ‘Former Israeli Ambassador’

Eagle-eyed CNN viewers may have noticed that Michael Oren, who signed on as a contributor to the network back in January, no longer appears as a “CNN Analyst”. Instead, in the light of Operation Protective Edge, Oren’s title has been removed, and replaced with another whenever he appears on CNN: “Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.”

CNN told Mondoweiss that the change was at Oren’s request, though other sources said that the network was forced to reconsider during his appearances during the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza, in which he appeared to be reciting Israeli talking points at the expense of his CNN colleagues. His July 26 appearance on The Erin Burnett show may have been the final straw for the network:

“What Hamas does want to do is drag Israel into a conflict in Gaza to get Israel to kill large numbers of Palestinian civilians,” Oren said. “Journalists quite naturally will want to capture those images. The images are tragic, they are lurid, but they also make headlines.”

In response, CNN’s Karl Penhaul, who reported on the ground in Gaza, said: “I think that any reporter and any of our colleagues would believe that it was obscene to suggest that we are showing the bodies of wounded, the dead and the dying, to make headlines.”

Oren began serving as the Israeli ambassador to the US in 2009, and stepped down in 2013.

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