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Michael Reagan Responds To Chris Matthews: Without A “Tingling” He Doesn’t Feel What Americans Feel

Megyn Kelly interviewed Michael Reagan earlier today on Fox News and when the subject turned to Reagan’s father being selected by Americans in a Gallup poll as their favorite president, the disappointed reaction of Chris Matthews was discussed. Kelly concluded Matthews “didn’t seem too happy” with the result and Reagan was ready for retaliation.

Reagan responded, “it seems unless there is the tingling going up his leg he really doesn’t feel it. It just shows you really how out of touch he is.” Furthermore, Reagan guessed that the reason Matthews was so upset was because his favorite presidents didn’t top the list, and said Matthews “thinks he’s always right and unfortunately he’s always wrong.” Although some suggest Matthews may have been making a subtle jab at alzheimer’s disease, Reagan instead focused on belittling Matthews and his inability to relate to everyday Americans. In the simplest terms imaginable, Reagan explained the poll results accordingly: “the reason they loved Ronald Reagan is because Ronald Reagan loved them.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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