Michael Reagan Wants You to Know: Comparing Trump to My Father Is An Insult to My Family

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.15.33 AMMichael Reagan took his Donald Trump criticisms up a notch last night when he said that comparing the mogul to his famous father is a slap in the face to his entire family.

Ronald Reagan‘s conservative son has expressed his disdain for Trump in the past, saying that his dad would be “appalled” by the presumptive nominee and most likely not vote for him out of principle. Reagan appeared on the Tuesday night showing of NewsMax’s The Hard Line, where he discussed how the Trump U judge attacks were the latest antics “eroding” the integrity of the GOP.

When asked about those who say that not voting for Trump would create a disaster for America in the form of Hillary Clinton, Reagan opined that Trump’s disastrousness could affect the whole planet. As the discussion progressed, Reagan went on to say that it was “absolutely” insulting to hear people say that Trump is his father’s successor as a conservative revolutionary.

“If my father were anything like Donald Trump, Nancy never would have married him, let alone vote for him.” Reagan said. “As a Reagan, I’m not gonna support someone who is so demeaning.”

Reagan’s comments seem quite the rebuke the Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who said yesterday that he has no way of knowing how his father would feel about Trump if he were still alive.

Watch above, via NewsMaxTV.

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