Michael Steele For Governor? ‘We’re Looking At It,’ He Tells MSNBC

Might the next chapter in Michael Steele‘s career be in public office?

While avoiding being too definitive, the former Republican National Committee chairman and former lieutenant governor of Maryland told MSNBC host Chuck Todd that he’s “looking into” a gubernatorial bid.

“We’re looking at it,” Steele said when asked about the speculation. “I mean we’re going to take a look at the numbers, Maryland’s a tough state, there are a lot of challenges.”

His motivation, he said, was the state’s economic troubles and desire to move the state “in a different direction.”

“We’ve lost 30,000 employers over the last eight years, our economy is not competitive in the region anymore,” he elaborated. “We’re taxed to the hilt. Forty new taxes and fees on Marylanders in the last eight years is ridiculous. That’s not leadership, that’s just gouging.”

Steele, who also had a failed Senate bid in 2006, specified that he’ll be making a decision by the end of the year — as fellow MSNBC contributor Robert Gibbs quipped that Steele sounded like a candidate.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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