Michael Steele Is Excited About The Wisconsin Recall: ‘I Got My Popcorn On This One, Baby!’

With the Wisconsin recall election happening today, many are tuning in to see every waking moment as a potential indicator of what is to come in November, and at least one MSNBC contributor is quite excited about the prospect of watching the polls come down. On MSNBC this morning, Michael Steele exclaimed of the election, “I got my popcorn on this one, baby!” expecting Governor Scott Walker to pull through.

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The excitement came in reaction to host Thomas Roberts asked Steele whether Walker will end up being “the rock star of the far right.” “Igot my popcorn on this one, baby! This is going to be down to the moment tonight!” Steele responded, adding that this election was “where big personalities emerge, even thought they may not be flamboyant and flashy– and Scott Walker isn’t that– but he is a big personality in Republican politics because he symbolizes in many ways what the Tea Party movement was all about from the very beginning.” He added that Walker’s “core leadership that stands on core principles” made him a darling of the right.

Panelist Chris Kofinis, asked whether there were tea leaves in Wisconsin worth reading, argued that he did not see too many “wider implications” because recalls were so rare and especially because the left had pushed as far as making Walker “spend tens of millions defending the fact that he is a governor.” Erin McPike added that the fact that neither major party presidential candidate has stopped by Wisconsin does not indicate much, and Wisconsin was not competitive in 2008, though it always can change.

The segment via MSNBC below:

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