Michael Steele Slams Trump’s Budget: ‘You’re Cutting Programs that Directly Impact Kids’

On Hardball with Chris Matthews, guest and former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele attempted to clarify some specifics of President Trump‘s recently released budget.

When asked by Matthews whether the proposed budget was more a reflection of Trump’s priorities or of House Majority Leader Paul Ryan‘s, Steele said:

“It is a hybrid. It is a consultation between the West Wing and the Hill on where they want to go with some of these numbers and some of these programs. The thing to keep in mind before we get to the narrative is the fact that this is not a cut necessarily in programs but rather a cut in the rate of increase over ten years to those programs.”

Matthews interjected to note that the number of people in American society is increasing. Steele replied:

“But again, if you graph it out, you’ll see that a lot of these programs still go up, they just don’t go up by as much. But that’s not the point. The finer and most important point in my view is how do you then go out to the American people with a narrative that says basically what we’re all talking about here–you’re cutting programs like TANF and CHIP that directly impact kids. You’re cutting programs that will have an impact on these families.”

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