Michael Wolff: Trump’s ‘Aware of Who Is Jewish in a Way That Feels Creepy’


In a wide-ranging MSNBC interview this afternoon in which he was grilled about the inaccuracies in his controversial Trump tell-all Fire and Fury and claimed that President Donald Trump is the “biggest leaker,” author Micheal Wolff wrapped up the segment by dishing on the president’s views on women and minorities.

Host Katy Tur brought up a passage from Wolff’s book in which he claims Trump said that he lives for sleeping with his best friends’ wives. Asked what Trump’s relationship with women is, the author stated that the president “thinks of them as transactional a way as he thinks about everything.” He added that he does believe that Trump is sexist.

This led to a Tur conducting a lighting round on Trump’s possible bigotry. Responding on whether he believes POTUS is racist, Wolff simply said “yes.” Tur also wanted to know if he thought Trump was xenophobic, leading to this brief exchange:

Tur: Xenophobic?

Wolff: I do. Um, xenophobic — What does that mean?

Tur: Afraid of the other.

Wolff: Yeah.

In response to a question on whether Trump is anti-Semitic, Wolff pointed out that those in the White House don’t feel he is. At the same time, Wolff explained that he thinks the president knows who is and isn’t Jewish.

“But I don’t know,” he told Tur. “I think that he — he thinks about — I think he’s aware of who is Jewish in a way that might give — that might, that feels creepy.”

Umm, wow.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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