Michele Bachmann Faces Off Against Occupy Charleston’s Human Microphone

During a campaign stop in South Carolina, Michele Bachmann became fully drowned out by a crowd of unruly Occupy Charleston protesters who unleashed the human microphone on her.

“Mic check!” chanted the crowd of rowdy Occupiers. “This will only take a minute! We have a message for Miss Bachmann….Blaming people that disagree with you…Calling them unpatriotic socialists! This does not help the American people!”

According to NBC News, the protesters lambasted Bachmann for saying she was a “grassroots candidate” while accepting money from conservative super PAC group, Americans for Prosperity.

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Bachmann was initially spooked by the loud demonstration, but later regained her composure.

“Don’t you just love the First Amendment,” Bachmann said in response to the disturbance.

Watch Bachmann meet the Occupy Wall Street movement in South Carolina via MSNBC:

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