Michele Bachmann: ‘I Think It Was Wrong For The United States To Go Into Libya’

In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Michele Bachmann doubled down on her opposition to the United States getting involved in the Libyan conflict, saying it was “wrong for the United States to go into Libya.” Wallace questioned whether Muammar Gaddafi would still be in power if she had been president. “Well he may be, but I stand by that decision.”

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“Look where we’re at today,” Bachmann added. “Remember again, Barack Obama said we were going into Libya for humanitarian purposes. It wasn’t humanitarian purposes, it was regime change and what’s the result? We don’t know who the next leaders will be…it could be a radical element. It could be the Muslim Brotherhood. It could be elements affiliated with al Qaeda. We don’t know yet who that regime will be. But worse we’ve seen the MANPADS go missing and those shoulder fired rockets that are very dangerous that could fit in the trunk of a car. … This is a very bad decision and it’s created more instability in the region, not less.”

Watch Bachmann’s interview below via Fox News:

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