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Michelle Bachmann On Obama Deficit Plan: ‘Tax Rates Are High Enough’

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on the Today Show and previewed President Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit. Matt Lauer was interested in learning what Bachmann would be willing to keep on the table in budget negotiations with the Democrats. Although, she was opposed to any tax increases, she didn’t hesitate to suggest that no department should be spared from cuts.

Bachmann insisted raising taxes should not be on the table “because tax rates are high enough already” and since she believed raising taxes does not always guarantee more revenue. Lauer asked if revamping Medicare is on the table in a way that would force the elderly and poor to make sacrifices, “then why shouldn’t the burden be equally shared – why shouldn’t we put some of that burden on the wealthy and corporations?” Yet Bachmann was prepared for such an argument, responding “if you want to talk about fairness, the top 1% are paying 40% of all of the income” received by the federal government.

On the issue of where to cut spending, Bachmann found some topics to slightly depart from Republican orthodoxy, as she suggested she was open to cutting the budget of the Defense Department and would consider changes to Social Security to secure its future.

Watch the clip from NBC below:

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