Michele Bachmann On The Obama Birth Certificate Story: ‘I Guess It’s Over’

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on GMA this morning to talk about her solutions for fixing the nation’s economic problems. However, when the topic of conversation turned to her potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump, things certainly got interesting.

George Stephanopoulos asked whether Bachmann is still not satisfied with the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate, and Bachmann replied that she wasn’t happy that Republicans keep getting asked to vouch for its authenticity. Instead she said that she “takes the President at his word” that it’s legitimate. After Stephanopoulos made the case that the Certificate of Live Birth should be sufficient, then Bachmann seemed to surprise Stephanopoulos by admitting “well then that should settle it.” Bachmann went even further, agreeing with Stephanopoulos by saying “I guess [the story about the birth certificate is] over” and concluding:

“That is not the main issue facing the United States right now. The main issue facing the United States is dealing with our debt and our deficit.”

After having raised more money than any other potential candidate in the first quarter, it seems that by trying to dismiss the Birther talk, Bachmann might be trying to now position herself as a “serious” alternative to the likes of Trump and others. Only time will tell if Bachmann will be able to pull it off.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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