Michele Bachmann to Star as ‘Michele Bachmann’ in Sharknado 3

Tourists visiting the White House today may have caught former Representative and one time GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (R-MN), taping an interview. And those with good hearing may have heard her discussing the greatest threat to national security: sharknadoes.

“I believe they are growing in size,” she said during her Sharknado 3 cameo, in which she is apparently still in office. “Congress has to take this seriously because sharknado is a real phenomenon.”

“My name is Michele Bachmann and I play Congresswoman Michele Bachmann,” she later told the Huffington Post. “It wasn’t anything offensive. It was just fun.”

Bachmann joins a long line of members of Congress who make cameos in movies, such as Ron Paul in Atlas Shrugged, Patrick Leahy in The Dark Knight, and John McCain in Wedding Crashers.

Sharknado 3, in which Washington is beset by sharknadoes, will also feature Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter as President and Vice President, respectively, of America. It is unclear whether Bachmann herself will be eaten by a sharknado.

(Also, please tell us that this movie is called Mr. Shark Goes to Washington, because it sure sounds like that’s the plot.)

[The Huffington Post]
[Image via Igor Bobic]

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