Michelle Bachmann: If Hillary Wins, This Will Be ‘The Last Election’

Michelle BachmannIn an interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network, former Republican congressman Michelle Bachmann warned that the consequences of electing Hillary Clinton would be dire for both the country and the Republican Party.

“I don’t want to be melodramatic but I do want to be truthful. I believe without a shadow of a doubt this is the last election,” she said on The Brody File. “This is it. This is the last election.”

“It’s a math problem of demographics and a changing United States,” continued Bachmann. “If you look at the numbers of people who vote and who lives in the country and who Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring in to the country, this is the last election when we even have a chance to vote for somebody who will stand up for godly moral principles. This is it.”

“All the ‘Never Trumpers,’ all the establishment Republicans that are out there saying, ‘We’ll just take our chances and four years from now we’ll have a better candidate, then we can take the White House,’ it’s not going to happen,” she promised. “It’s not going to happen. Hillary Clinton will ensure it won’t happen because she’s going to change the demographics of the United States so that no Republican will ever win again.”

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