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Michelle Malkin Blows Up on Hannity Panel Over Race ‘Troll’ Harry Reid

Sean Hannity tonight brought up remarks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made last week saying he “hopes” Republicans in Congress aren’t obstructing President Obama because of his race. This comment set off both Hannity and Michelle Malkin, who got heated with Democratic guest Eboni Williams over where the true political racism really lies.

Hannity called Reid’s comment a “quintessential attack by Democrats” and “an effort to silence opposition.” Malkin argued Reid is “among the most racist people on this planet,” and hates anyone who dares tread off his “liberal plantation.” When Williams told Malkin she was making a racially insensitive remark, Malkin continued hammering away, declaring that “the left claims the mind of every young people of color,” and is quick to demonize all conservative minorities as Uncle Toms.

Malkin called Reid an “encrusted Beltway barnacle” and a “major troll” who always tries to “use the race card against Republicans to deflect from his own legislative failures.” Williams shot back with protestors calling Obama a “black sheep” and “47 percent Negro.” Malkin charged she can’t paint all conservatives with a broad brush based on that one group, insisting the bigger problem is liberal attacks on minorities who ally themselves with the conservative movement.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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