Michelle Malkin Goes After CNN, Jake Tapper Over Town Hall: They ’Forge Democratic Talking Points’

On Friday night, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin slammed CNN and Jake Tapper over the network’s town hall this week.

Laura Ingraham began by playing a clip from her show last night when a father of a Parkland shooting survivor alleged that a CNN producer “insinuated” that they were looking for people who would “espouse a certain narrative.” She also invoked Tapper’s defense of the town hall on Twitter from critics.

Malkin accused the network of repeatedly using “so-called citizen town halls” to “forge Democratic talking points” and alleges that they have used Democratic campaign staffers to “pass off as undecided voters” people in past “partisan political” exercises.

“And I think it’s interesting because on the one hand, the left is always saying, ‘Believe the children. Listen to the children.’ But when certain children and their parents are telling the truth about the manipulation of this fake news, all of the sudden, they are subject to this kind of criticism from the likes of Jake Tapper, who really is a disgrace,” Malkin said. “He abdicated his journalistic responsibility and now we’re finding out more and more. What did this Sheriff [Scott] Israel know when he was sitting on the stage mauling Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch like lions in the den?”

The CRTV host then blamed the “social justice administrators” of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School who adopted “radical, liberal” conflict resolution policies for political correctness that allowed the gunman to get away with what he did.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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