Michelle Malkin: I Was Amused By Hair-Pulling Over Obama’s ‘Phoned-In’ Debate Performance

Michelle Malkin appeared on Thursday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends to weigh in on the previous night’s presidential debate, saying she was amused by the “hair-pulling” following what she viewed as the President’s “phoned-in” performance.

She felt the debate served as a reminder of how “disengaged” the President, pointing in particular to independent and undecided voters. Host Steve Doocy, meanwhile, felt that the President came across as “thin-skinned,” and had attempted to tell moderator Jim Lehrer how to do his job. Malkin then credited Romney for keeping Obama on track and sticking to the matter at hand, something Gretchen Carlson referred to as the “headline of the night.”

The whole crew felt Romney had quite a “zinger” when it came to talking about picking the “losers” in business. Talk then moved on to the President thinking he had the AARP “in his pocket,” only to have the organization come out and say they’re not taking sides.

Everyone then had a laugh over “Hollyweird”‘s Twitter response to the President’s performance.

Have a look at what she had to say, via Fox News:

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