Michelle Malkin: Krauthammer Was Right About GOP Civil War, Obama’s ‘Strategy’ Was To ‘Drive A Wedge’

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin stopped by Fox & Friends Saturday morning to agree with her Republican colleague Charles Krauthammer about the “internal civil war” within the GOP. Malkin called it “obvious” that President Obama‘s strategy was to “drive a wedge” between Republicans.

According to Malkin, Obama and the White House have “narrative setters in the liberal media” who are “raring” to blame Republicans for a fall over the fiscal cliff. She claimed, “House Republican conservatives who are holding the line aren’t going to get what they want.”

Malkin criticized some of her fellow Republicans saying there is now a split between “House conservative Republicans and House ‘capitulationist’ Republicans.” According to her, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid will sit down later today to attempt a compromise and that’s “never a good thing.” She continued accusing Obama of setting up the GOP war, claiming,

“If they don’t come up with something, again that wedge gets driven further and Obama can sit in the catbird seat and blame, blame, blame Republicans for their obstructionism.”

Malkin says a compromise acceptable to conservative GOP members is unlikely, as House Republicans will claim “deal with the tough issues later” but will never actually get to “later.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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